Tips for taking better images of your day to day beautiful-ness, whether you are using an iphone or a fancy camera

I love composition, and if done well, makes an otherwise so-so picture look amazing! It is that powerful. I have come to realize that some folks just have a natural eye for composition, like my teenager does! But this is something had to learn and train my eye for, and I hope you find these tips useful and you will notice a significant improvement in your pictures!

What is involved in composition? It boils down to how you are guiding the eye to a particular space in your image, and you are balancing negative and positive space, because that makes our brains really happy and content.
How do you do this you may ask?? Well, I have advice!

Notice on this impossibly cute baby perfection I posted above? Her eyes are on what is called a “rule of thirds” line. If you divided the image in 1/3’s, horizontally and vertically, you get these third’s lines, and if you can take your picture so that the main subject of the pictures falls near that third line…you are doing awesome. Even better yet, if you can get the eyes on that third line, or take it next level and get one of the eyes right near where the “third lines” intersect. Below is what those rule of thirds lines look like.

This is a screen shot of this sweetie, to show you what those rule of thirds lines look like.

And this image below is what it looked like before I did some cropping. Now I realize that not everyone has access to the ability to crop an image like I have here, but this concept is pretty easy to follow in how you move your camera before you take your picture. I still wanted to show you this before picture, because this baby had the most glorious cheeks, and her blue sparkling eyes, and I really wanted that to be the focus point of this picture.

It is still a great picture above, but if you notice when you look at this, your eyes might first look at her face, but then you will find your eyes wondering around the picture, looking at her hands, her pants, and maybe the leaves in the grass. Composition helps to keep that eye where you want it to focus!

Ahh, more cuteness. Notice this guy is centered, but his eyes are on the top third line. Below is the same image and his face is dead center of the image…and it just does not have the same power and does not feel as balanced as when I follow the rule of thirds.

Most times a picture where the subject is dead center, like this one, is not ideal. Sometimes it works, but I am a rule follower, and following the rules is a bit of a safety net to taking great pictures!

Above, her eyes are quite close to the top intersecting 1/3 lines.  I also have a good amount of negative space, and when looking at this picture my eyes settle right on her face and the sunlight.

I will discuss more about composition in my next post, and about negative and positive space. Thanks for hanging with me and reading! I hope I was able to explain this concept clearly. Start using composition rules next time you snap a image of your kiddos, and I think you will surprise yourself!!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!!

Happy 2019

The end of 2018 was quite a whirlwind over here and I am really happy to see 2019!! And I am especially thankful for all the families I got to reconnect with this fall and early winter. I think I am finally getting caught up on business and life, now that we are a full month into the new year I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Stay tuned this year, as I plan to continue to share current photo sessions here, but also I want to share tips and tricks on how to take better pictures of your own kids, your vacations, your special moments. So stay tuned!

Ah, this family….so lovely, and brave! We met on a chilly afternoon near the river in Downtown Minnie, and let me tell you this family runs like a well-oiled machine! It was cold, and these precious kids just went with it, and we were able to get some just gorgeous family pictures that they can cherish for a long time.

Seriously amazingly beautiful littles!

Okay, mom you are looking just stunning!

Despite the cold, this was an honor to hang out with this family and these sweet kids! Thank you for trusting me with capturing your life moments!!