Minimalist Newborn Photography

I LOVE my Newborn Lifestyle sessions, there is just something that is magical coming into a family’s world with the miracle of a new life in their midst.  And if you know me personally, I love simple, and uncomplicated, and this personality trait translates over into my photography.   My only props for newborn sessions are a few blankets and wraps, a basket or two, and natural light.   Simple and uncomplicated.  That speaks to my heart.

I feel this simplicity really helps to bring out these sweet details and softness of a newborn.  I am a sucker for those impossibly posed adorable newborns that look like little angles, I think they are so cute, however I want to capture a an image the evokes a strong emotional response…to remember their perfect little details and remember the preciousness of watching them sleep, holding them, feeding them, the cuddles, the softness and the amazement that are little new babies and the love that you never knew you were capable of.