6 Months Old!!

How fun to meet up with this sweet baby girl and her beautiful Mama again!  We first met 6 months ago for a newborn lifestyle session.  And to make life simple they have this gorgeous backyard to shoot in.

sweet curiosity

She was so mesmerized by the breeze blowing through the tress when we laid her on her back…how sweet.  I think of all the fun days of playing in her yard that are yet to come.

the toes
she has beautiful sparkling hazel green eyes
showing off her spit bubble skills
working on those 6 month old sitting skills….almost there little one

Hope you enjoyed the beauty of this little girl as much as I did!

End of Summer Mini Sessions Available!!!

As soon as August 1st hits it seems these magical days of summer are fleeting.  It puts my heart in an odd place, I adore summer months, but yet look forward to the newness of fall, of new beginnings, and being forced into a new time of quietness and routine that fall and winter can bring.

But I felt a pull to try to capture these fleeting moments by offering End of Summer Sunset Mini Sessions.  I scouted out this new beautiful location in Bloomington, with soft prairie grasses and flowers combined with my worn vintage quilt, just the perfect backdrop; a place to stop and ponder the beauty and warmth that is summer, before school and homework and new schedules filled with sports and dance, and music lessons and recitals….

Details and Dates:

I have 3 evening dates available:  Saturday Aug. 18th, Monday Aug. 20th, and Friday Aug. 24th, with sessions starting at 6:45.

Mini Sessions are perfect for families, or just the kids, you decide.  I often hear moms say  “I just need a few nice pictures of the family and kids”, and this type of session is perfect.  These sessions are short and simple, just 25 minutes long, and you will receive 5 to 7 fully edited digital images with a print release, all for $150.  I will aim to capture one or two posed family images with all those lovely smiles, single images of each child, and a few  “unposed” emotive images capturing the connection and personality of your family.  Session spaces will be limited, with only 3 time slots for each of the dates.   

Contact me (click on “contact” at top of page) for more info and to secure a session!  Limited sessions available!

Growing Families

One of the many side benefits of this job, is that I get to see families grow…how absolutely amazing and magical to watch these little humans grow, and how new siblings add so much beauty to the family dynamic; like they were always meant to be here…they were just waiting for the perfect time to arrive.

I have had the pleasure of watching this little family grow, and now there are 2 precious little ones!  

My favorite from this session!

Okay, they are pretty much the cutest family!

And this sweet girl….a bit spunky, and curious and smart.  I predict she will be a world changer.

Until we meet again..,

Ah… spring in MN

So I feel like one of the things that makes Minnesotans so great is this crazy, unpredictable weather;  blizzards and 18″ in the middle of April, ugh.  It forces one to look at the bright side of things, otherwise how would we survive the insanity of this?  So I thought how fitting to post this session, when things were right in the world.

And I am taking this opportunity to introduce this brand new space on my website, a  place where I can be  sharing my current  sessions with you and be more active and engaged!  However, I tend to like pictures more than words (shocking, I know) and my future posts will be short and sweet and filled more with images that I have been blessed to capture, and less words, because I am certainly not a writer.

Not only did I choose this session because this family is wonderful and the impossibly cute kids, but the man in this family also happens to be  wickedly smart, and one of his many talents is web design (and his wife is pretty darn amazing too, as I am blessed to call them friends).  I am so grateful the work he has done on my website, and a recent redesign that has allowed for this blog and a bunch of other super cool features that have officially blown my mind!

This session was so much fun, and these boys did amazing. I LOVE photographing families. I go into sessions with a bit of a plan in mind on what I want to capture and how, but I have learned to keep my expectations wide and open and my camera always ready when there are kids… because kids; beautiful, free spirited, curious kids. And then these 3 boys under the age of 5 did such an incredible job, and just plain adorable!! Mama looked so lovely and the weather was perfection; sun, warmth, and green stuff! I couldn’t ask for more. So sit back and enjoy some of my favorites from this session, and thanks for visiting!!

The sweetness in this little guys face, and those perfect cheeks 🙂